Computer system
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Computer system has various characteristics. Computers are configured to automatically perform a series of logical or fine processes. Modern digital computers can perform general sets of operations known as programs. These programs enable computers to carry out a wide variety of tasks. The characteristics of a computer system differ with the type, size and generation of the computer. However some generic characteristic are found in computer systems, and these include Memory, Storage, Speed, Accuracy, Diligence, Reliability, Automation, Capacity and Versatility. The piece will look at different characteristics of a computer system expanding how each characteristic works.


Computer system
Computer system

Special Identity of Computer System:


Computer system: Automation


Automation is the process of utilizing technology to carry out operations automatically and without human involvement. Automation is a unique element of a computer system. Computers make automation possible, as we can program them to perform a wide range of tasks. AI tools can help programmers write code faster and more accurately by suggesting code snippets, generating entire functions, and even creating entire programs. Automation makes the job easier. Computers are now capable of performing many tasks that were once done by humans, such as data entry, customer service, and manufacturing. Industry now uses automation computers. We build industrial-grade computers called automation computers to withstand the rigors of handling industrial automation tasks in hazardous industrial locations where desktop computers cannot survive.

Computer system: Versatility


More so, computer systems compromise versatility. This is the ability of a computer to perform multiple tasks. Furthermore,  computers are multi-tasked unless they are created for a specific application. Computers do not just perform tasks but they perform tasks efficiently and accurately. It is all about the capacity of a computer. Additionally, computer has a  versatile character as it can be used in various ways. A computer can perform different tasks such as typing your documents, downloading and listening to music. Computers have the ability to perform many different functions, which is a valuable quality. Moreover, computers are versatile tools that can be used in many different fields of work.



Furthermore, the programming of computers is amazing. A computer system’s memory is a crucial part. Primary memory stores the data and instructions that the computer needs to perform the task. A computer has a massive amount of data storage. Computers retrieve data records precisely and completely. We use bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes to describe the amount of storage space in computer memory. Computers have two main types of memory: primary and secondary. Computers have primary memory as their internal memory. To add on,  Computers use the fastest type of memory, primary memory, to store data and instructions that they are currently using. An example of primary memory is random access memory. Memory processes information. The second memory is a bit slower but it can store more data than the primary memory.

Reliability as a Computer system


A computer is trustworthy. Unless the input changes, the outcomes of the output are constant. The science of reliability ensures the proper operation of computer systems, even though individual hardware and software components may fail. The ability of a computer to function under stated conditions for a period shows how reliable a computer is. The reliability of a computer is a key consideration for businesses and individuals. Various factors can contribute to the reliability of a computer which includes, hardware quality, software quality, maintenance and the environment. However, it is also important to purchase computers which have high-quality hardware. This will help to ensure that the computer is reliable and can withstand heavy use.



A computer performs mathematical calculations substantially faster and more correctly than a person. People compare computers to a magic box with many uses. Computers perform calculations faster than humans, which can take hours to complete. Computers can execute one million instructions or perhaps more every second. As a result, we express computer speed in terms of microseconds (10-6 parts per second) or nanoseconds (10-9 parts per second).

Final Thought


In conclusion, a computer has many characteristics which allow it to work uniquely. It is an electronic device which can perform faster than any human. Computers have made the job easier for users, individuals and organizations. Additionally, computer system compromise of  speed, reliability, memory, versatility and automation. Computers are capable of doing many things, which is why they are so popular and widely used.

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