Keeping a clean and professional desktop
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Keeping a clean and professional desktop is very important. It is very important to keep your computer clean, organized, and free of clutter. This should apply even when it comes to your desktop. Below we shall be showing you how to make your desktop look clean and professional.

Keeping a clean and professional desktop
Keeping a clean and professional desktop

Firstly you must decide what kind of desktops you want to have.

There are many different types of desktops that you can choose from. Some examples include:

  1. a) A simple desktop with one or two icons on the desktop.
  2. b) A desktop with several icons on the desktop.
  3. c) A desktop with multiple windows open.
  4. d) A desktop with several documents open.
  5. e) A desktop with several applications running in the background.
  6. f) A desktop with several folders open.


Next you need to decide which type of desktop you will use.

If you plan to have a simple desktop then you may opt for an icon based desktop. If you plan to use a more complex desktop then you may opt to go for a window based desktop.


Know where to place it

Now that you know what kind of desktop you would like to use, you need to decide where you would like to place it. You could put your desktop on top of all other windows but this may not always be practical. Another option is to put your desktop on the side of all other windows. Yet another option is to put it at the bottom of all other windows.


Make sure it looks good

You now have decided where you would like to put your desktop and also what kind of desktop you want to use. So you need to ensure that your desktop looks good. The best way to do this is by making sure that you have everything you need on your desktop. You should also try to avoid having too much stuff on your desktop.


Clean up your desktop

Firstly you should clear out any unnecessary files off your desktop. You should remove anything that does not belong there. Next you should organize your desktop. You should group similar things together.

Organize your desktop

Once you have cleared out any unnecessary files and grouped similar items together, you should start organizing them. You should sort your icons into categories. These categories could be as follows:

  1. a) personal
  2. b) business
  3. c) entertainment

Add new icons

After sorting your icons into categories, you should add new icons to your desktop. These icons should represent the things you do most often.


Remove old icons

After adding new icons to your desktop, you should remove old ones.


Delete unused files

After removing old icons and files, you should delete any unused files.



Use a theme

Using a theme can really enhance the appearance of your desktop and make it look great. Themes come in various forms such as wallpapers, backgrounds, icons, etc.

“Using a theme” is a matter of personal preference. Themes can make using a computer faster and easier, but they can also slow down performance by adding unnecessary visual clutter. Even though themes tend to be less customizable than other types of customization, choosing one that gives you the look and functionality you prefer should be an important decision. This article discusses some reasons why you should consider switching from a default theme.


Change your wallpaper


Changing your wallpaper every once in a while will keep your desktop fresh and interesting.

Changing the desktop background is something anyone can do. In fact, changing your desktop wallpaper has become a habit that many users adopt. The way you choose them varies from person to person. Some people prefer using photos of their family members, while others might want a nature scene or even a landscape picture.

Changing your desktop wallpaper regularly helps keep your desk clean and clutter free. Plus, having fresh visual stimuli makes your brain happy.

Clean the surrounding areas of your desktop

The area around your desktop can get cluttered with all sorts of stuff. If you don’t like the clutter, you can always clean it up.



The above are just some of the ways you can keep a clean and professional desktop. You can use any of these methods to help keep your desktop organized and neat.