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Tips for Obtaining Microsoft BizTalk Certifications with Minimal Effort

Microsoft BizTalk server is a very reliable and high-performing Microsoft server product for building and implementing business rules and workflow for a wide range of business solutions. Thanks to their proven efficiency and reliability, Microsoft BizTalk solutions for business management and integration have quickly become very popular, drawing more and …

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Microsoft Outlook: Traveller’s Secret Advantage

If you want to become a better traveller, you can skip some of those how-to books penned by armchair road warriors. Instead, fire up your laptop computer and open Microsoft Outlook. Yes, I’m talking about that ever-present application that handles e-mail, scheduling and some word processing tasks. Make the Most …

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Upgrading To Microsoft Windows Vista Tips

The traditional annual days of giving are at hand. Some people will want to upgrade (if it can be called that) to Windows Vista.Here are some tips to help keep you out of trouble.Recommended minimum hardware requirements for Windows Vista. Windows Vista Home Basic • 800-megahertz (MHz) 32-bit (x86) processor …

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